“Form meets function with SunSand, an economical concrete coating solution.”

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SunSand Overview

SunSand combines any of the Sundek finishes with one addition – glass bead, aluminum oxide or another product like silica sand which provides texture to your decorative concrete. The fine particles of the chosen component are broadcast on to the Sundek surface. This texture provides a safe, slip-resistant, gritty surface.

Features and benefits:  Because SunSand seals the concrete, it protects against rain, other weather, salt and environmental pollutants. This results in easy maintenance and an economically friendly coating.

Form meets function with SunSand’s concrete surfacing solution. With SunSand, you can combine any of the Sundek finishes with glass beads. The addition of fine beads, which are broadcast on to the surface, provides a slip-resistant coating. This solution also provides protection against environmental pollutants, weather conditions, and salts. As a result, maintenance is easy and the solution is economically friendly.

Where to use:  The texture and acrylic properties of SunSand make it perfect for high-traffic areas. These include:
• Pool Decking
• Walks and Paths
• Balconies
• Patios and Concrete Pads
• Retaining Walls
• Driveways
• Curbing

How it’s done:  SunSand is basically the SunColor water-based acrylic finish coat with a fine aggregate added to provide slip resistance. Options for the aggregate include glass beads, aluminum oxide or another fine aggregate. SunSand is typically applied by rolling or spraying over existing concrete or decorative overlays, or even on vertical surfaces.

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