SunClear EcoProtect

Clear Protective Concrete Sealers

“The protection of concrete and the coatings on it is as important as the colors and design chosen. ”

Projects sealed with SunClear (click to enlarge)

SunClear EcoProtect Product Video

SunClear EcoProtect Overview

EcoProtect solutions are high performance finish coats that provide a seamless flooring, coating and decorative concrete application.

The EcoProtect line is environmentally friendly and user friendly. It’s the ideal protective coat on areas that need maximum gloss retention with ease of maintenance and resistance to foot traffic. EcoProtect is perfect for patios, walkways, pool decks, as well as hospitals, retail stores and restaurants. The list goes on.

UltraProtect clears can be used directly on concrete surfaces, and especially on all of the Sundek systems, including:

  • SunStone
  • SunStamp
  • Classic texture
  • SunStain
  • SunEpoxy

How it’s Done:

Application of all of the SunClear clear protective sealers is by rolling or spraying. Optional fine aggregates can be added as this will provide the desired degree of slip resistance.

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