How to Restore Your Clarksville Pool Deck for Spring Swimming

Clarksville Pool Deck Project

Clarksville Pool Deck Project

Spring is the perfect time to restore your Clarksville pool deck. Especially if you have not done anything to it for years, there is a good chance that it needs a little help in the pool deck repair department. If the problems are mild to moderate, Sundek Classic Texture is an excellent solution.

Classic Texture has been the most trusted resurfacing overlay solution for pool deck repair for almost 50 years. It is also the spray-on acrylic product that helped launch the decorative concrete industry. Even though some aspects of this product have advanced, making it more beneficial, it still involves an easy application process that takes little time to complete.

Using Classic Texture, Sundek’s professional installation team can give new life to your Clarksville pool deck. Whether using standard or custom templates, score line cuts, aggregates, masonry effects, or a combination of more than one, your pool area will transform into a spectacular place perfect for spending quality time with family and friends.

You can have color incorporated or use Classic Texture in conjunction with other overlays, like Tuscan. Any one of the beautiful 16 signature colors will help with pool deck repair issues and give you the look you want. For a more traditional look, Mojave Sand, Tea N Pool Deck Repair SundekCream, and Tweed Gray are all ideal. If you want a deck that looks and feels modern, colors like Brick Red, Sable, and Cumberland work beautifully.

Not only will Classic Texture help with pool deck repair and transform its appearance, it also makes the surface safer and easier to maintain. As a nonporous overlay, it resists dirt, oil, stains, and chemicals, all things that can damage a pool deck. Even the surface is cooler than other materials. With a slip-resistance texture, there also is less risk of someone slipping and getting hurt.