Concrete Patios: Options and Designs

Concrete Patio

Concrete Patio

It’s not difficult to create an oasis in your back yard. A pool and deck area is one option for your yard, but concrete patios are becoming one of the most popular choices for creating a beautiful, functional, restful space for customers and their families.

Outdoor Rooms
An outdoor room in your back yard is one of today’s most popular patio ideas. This choice can be as simple as a patio with four posts at each corner and a lattice roof. Or it can be as complex as a patio with columns and full walls, including an open wall to let in light and air. There are many good choices to provide you with added living space for relaxing, entertaining or just enjoying time with friends and family.

Patio Designs
Your imagination and the skill of your contractor are the only limits to the choices of patio designs available. You could opt for a patio design that has a built-in hearth against a wall, or an outdoor fireplace in the center of the patio. Or, you may opt for a patio that is integrated with your pool deck, or one that connects with your spa area. The possibilities are endless.

Imprinted Concrete  Options
Imprinted concrete is growing rapidly in popularity. This solution allows you to create concrete patio that looks like almost any other substance, from aggregates to brick, quarried stone and more.

Your Major Consideration
Finding the best contractor in the Louisville, KY area is key. Do not settle for “good enough.” The skill and quality of your contractor determines the outcome. Don’t be left unhappy with the job. Make the right choice at the outset.