Basement Finish Options for You

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Finishing your basement may be the best way to add usable space to your home without spending money on building an addition. Basements also provide a way to give your family new, dedicated areas for play or some other activity. A finished basement also adds value to your home before it goes on the market. There are many options, some of which are surprising, to help you find a solution for your basement.

Don’t Carpet It
Many people choose carpet for their basement floors, or cover their floors with linoleum. This can be an incorrect decision. There is nothing wrong with having concrete floors in the basement, and using the best refinishing company in Louisville and surrounding areas will help give your basement its best look.

Concrete resurfacing services will help you add almost any look you want to a concrete basement floor. For example, stamped concrete overlays can be applied and these allow you to make your concrete look like another flooring type. A choice like natural quarried stone is popular. You can also use stamped overlay to give floors the look of large or small tile, cobbles, brick or even wood.

Color Explosion
While concrete refinishing companies rely on patterning and texturing to provide a dream substance, there will also need to be color added to the basement floor. There are many choices available. You can choose almost any shade for your basement floor, and you can also choose any finish, from textured to matte or high gloss. You’re only limited by your imagination and the skill of your decorative concrete contractor .

Your Contractor
This is the most important point! Not all concrete contractors will do the best job. If you want to make sure that your basement renovation turns out exactly as you imagines, work with the most skilled and reputable Louisville concrete contractor.