Popular Color Choices for Your Concrete Patio

Concrete patio with Sundek

Concrete patio with Sundek

If you want a concrete patio surface with exceptional color, yet is durable and long lasting, Sundek has two excellent solutions. While both SunAcid and SunH2O are types of stain, they work in entirely different ways and achieve unique results. Regardless of which one you prefer, you can transform the appearance of your patio, making it become your new favorite hangout space.


As a muriatic acid-based coloring solution, SunAcid produces a translucent marbled effect. The reason is that this acid penetrates the surface, where it reacts to salts and minerals in the concrete. Not only does that create permanent color, it produces a one-of-kind-look. In other words, because the components of cement are different from one surface to another, there is no way to replicate the design effect that SunAcid produces.

With a choice of 10 colors, you can achieve virtually any look that you want for your concrete patio. To make your outdoor living space more inviting, something like Buckskin, Cola, or Vintage Umber is ideal. On the other hand, if you prefer a patio that blends in with backyard greenery or perhaps is the color of the water in your pool, consider something like Green, Bronze, or Teal.Concrete Patio Surface Sundek


SunH2O has a water base that consists of liquid pigments and soluble polymers. With this, an expert can stain your existing concrete patio floors or color an overlay. Compared to other water-based stains on the market, SunH2O has a major advantage of an added promoter that makes it incredibly adhesive to concrete surfaces.

Although SunH2O does not penetrate the concrete surface, it still produces a beautiful translucent color. Compared to SunAcid, this product offers more color choices. Instead of 10, you can select from 26 colors, all vibrant and stunning. Between the different shades of brown, blue, green, yellow, gray, purple, and red, you will have no problem finding the right color to transform your outdoor concrete patio.