Cool Ideas in 2016 for a Concrete Pool Deck

Concrete Pool Deck

Concrete Pool Deck

Functional and unique, concrete pool decks have become the latest trend in Maryland. If you want to get out in front of the trend, you need to add one of these decks to your home. The good news is there is a trend for all styles so you won’t have any trouble adding the perfect deck to your home. Whether you want something casual and cool or fun and unique, there is a trend that is right for you. It’s easy to see why 2016 is the year of the concrete pool deck in Severna Park, MD.

Colorful Concrete

If you like to shake things up, consider adding a splash of color to your concrete. Sundek of Washington provides staining options for concrete pool decks. These stains soak right into the concrete and offer unique designs and colors. Go with a single color or a variety of colors for your deck. Don’t be afraid to show off your funky side. You can express yourself with your deck.

Classic Cool

If you’re a classic type of person, let that extend to your Severna Park, MD, home’s concrete pool deck. Instead of going with stained or stamped concrete, stick with traditional painted concrete. The classic look goes nicely with traditional furniture and a landscaped lawn. You don’t have to make a bold statement to create a nice atmosphere that you will enjoy. Plus, classic never goes out of style, so your deck will look great for years to come.

White on White

Cool and functional, white on white decks just might be the hottest trend of 2016. These decks are created using uncolored concrete mix. Then, the mix is covered with white stain to create a cool effect that you won’t see on many decks in the Severna Park, MD, area. These decks look great, but you’ll quickly notice something else, as well. White doesn’t trap heat, making these decks relatively cool to the touch. In fact, they are often as much as 20 degrees cooler than the ground surrounding the deck. That is nice for a pool party or just hanging around the pool.

These are just a few of the countless options for concrete pool decks in Severna Park, MD. Come up with a deck that fits your personal style and then schedule an appointment with a contractor. It won’t be long before you’re able to lounge at the pool in the most stylish way possible.