Making Concrete Restoration an Eco-Friendly Project

Concrete patio restored with Sundek Coatings

Concrete patio restored with Sundek Coatings

When it comes to construction, both home and business owners understand the importance of conservation and sustainable building practices including concrete restoration. What many people do not realize is that concrete is a highly versatile material that works well in a variety of eco-friendly applications.

Tips for Concrete Restoration

What many Washington home and business owners love about decorative concrete is the fact that it is so versatile. Not only can you use decorative concrete to achieve the look and feel of premium materials, but it can be used for a wide variety of practical applications as well – it even works great for eco-friendly projects. If you are thinking about concrete restoration for your next eco-friendly project, consider the following benefits that decorative concrete has to offer:

Vertical Concrete – While many people assume that concrete can only be used for horizontal surfaces, like floors and walkways, it can also be used for vertical applications. Concrete walls, when used properly, can add to the weather-tightness of your home with the added benefit of sustainability.

Concrete Roofing – Standard asphalt- and fiberglass-based shingles can last for 25 years at best, but concrete roofing tiles have an average lifespan of 50 years or more. Not only do concrete tiles last longer, if they need to be replaced, they can be broken down and recycled for use in other concrete products.

Porous Concrete – One of the newest developments in construction in porous concrete – concrete surfaces that capture rainfall, allowing it to percolate into the soil rather than running into the sewer system. When used properly, a porous concrete driveway can divert water to key areas in your landscaping, which reduces the need for irrigation systems.

Concrete Walkways – When it comes to building new walkways, concrete is one of the most resource-efficient options. Using concrete instead of wood helps save lumber, and concrete can be produced locally and only in the quantity needed – this cuts down on waste.

Recycled Materials – One of the benefits of decorative concrete products is that they are so versatile and customizable. In fact, you can enhance the look of your concrete surfaces with inlaid recycled materials, like glass bottles, crushed seashells, and scraps of metal.

When it comes to concrete restoration, Washington homeowners know that there is no one more experienced than Sundek of Washington. Not only do we offer all of the finest decorative concrete products, our highly skilled concrete contractors will see your eco-friendly project through from start to finish.