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Benefits of Stained Concrete Floors in Clarksville Homes

Stained Concrete Floors

Stained Concrete Floors

Are you tired of your current floors and want something different? Do your existing floors look worn and outdated? If you answered “yes” to these questions, now is the perfect time to consider stained concrete floors for your Clarksville home. These popular decorative concrete flooring systems offer a host of benefits.

Keep in mind that when talking about stained concrete floors for your Clarksville home, there are two types: water-based and acid-based stains. Although they both produce beautiful results, each is unique. By understanding the benefits of these two options, you will have an easier time determining which one best meets your criteria.

Color Variations

With a water-based stain, like SunH20, you can transform an otherwise dull slab of concrete into a gorgeous floor. Especially if you love certain colors, this is the direction to take. Although acid-based stains come in a beautiful assortment of colors, water-based products offer even more. Typically, acid-based stains stay in the neutral zone, but colors for water-based stain flooring products run the gamut. That means you can choose something earthy or bright and bold.

Interior Stained Concrete Floors

Stained Concrete Floors

Surface Appearance

Another difference between the two types of stained concrete floors for your Clarksville home is that a water-based product usually creates more of opaque color, although SunH20 produces a transparent surface. In comparison, using an acid-based stain, like SunAcid, yields distinct transparency.

Unique Design

Perhaps the most significant difference between the two is that an acid-based stain penetrates the concrete surface, where it reacts to certain chemicals. Because of that, the floor ends up with a one-of-a-kind marbled effect. Since the stain seeps through the porous concrete, the color becomes permanent. With a water-based product, the color changes only the surface. While that voids the marbled effect, the results are still stunning.

As long as you select a superior-quality product, you will enjoy the outcome of both water- and acid-based stains.

Stamped Concrete Repair in Clarksville

Before stamped concrete repair

Before stamped concrete repair

When people initially choose a superior-quality stamped concrete product, repair work is seldom, if ever, needed. If you had an inferior product applied or it has been a long time since you had any concrete surface maintenance done, you might need some professional help. Fortunately, repairing surface imperfections is what using SunRestore is all about. Instead of having a surface ripped out and re-poured, you can opt for stamped concrete repair.

The process used for stamped concrete repair at your Clarksville home depends on the cause and severity. Cracks are the most common issue. If caught early, a professional contractor or installer can fix them. For severe cracks, resurfacing with a product like Classic Texture transforms both the appearance and functionality of the surface.

After stamped concrete repair

After stamped concrete repair

On occasion, crusting or ridges appear after installing stamped concrete. Referred to as “squeeze,” this consists of material that pushes up between the stamp imprints. There are several possible causes. As an example, there is too much moisture on the surface or the tools used had multiple edges or did not fit the stamped mat tightly enough. The expert would start by looking at these three possibilities, and these ridges can have a tendency to chip away and degrade.

You might also need stamped concrete repair if the sealer is worn away and the concrete is deteriorating. Not only are these areas unsightly, they are also painful to walk on due to their abrasiveness. Make sure you let the installer know the level of smoothness you want on the surface before application. As for stamped concrete repair, a Sundek expert can recommend a variety of surfaces to choose from.

If you notice a lot of scaling on your decorative concrete surface, either the concrete cured while temperatures were too cold or the contractor did not complete the job correctly. Both problems show inexperience in the application process. A reputable installer in Clarksville can handle the original application, as well as any stamped concrete repair needs using SunRestore.

Why You Should Avoid Painting Concrete (Use a Proper Professional-Grade Coating)

Painting concrete failure

Painting concrete failure

When visiting hardware and home improvement stores, you will notice several shelves of concrete paint. Anyone without a basic understanding of concrete surfaces might think that painting concrete is an excellent way to improve the appearance of a driveway, walkway, patio, floor, pool deck, and so on. The fact is that you want to avoid painting. Instead, you need a professional-grade coating, something like SunStain or SunColor.

The problem with painting concrete is that the color often fades quickly. That means if you have a unique design added to the surface, it will not last long. Also, there are specific steps to follow that many do-it-yourselfers overlook. When that happens, they end up with uneven color, areas where the paint did not adhere, and premature failure overall.

Proper Sundek coating vs a painted concrete surface

Proper Sundek coating vs a painted concrete surface

In comparison, you could choose a professional-grade acrylic water-based coat, which would last a long time. With the right product, you can transform any concrete surface. If you have a backyard play area for your kids, you know you need something that can withstand daily use and abuse. SunColor is a perfect choice. Not only will it hold up, but because it comes in a variety bright colors, you can create the coolest play area in the neighborhood. Whether choosing one color, like bright red, blue, yellow, or orange, or having a unique design created, your kids will beg to go outside to play.

Under the SunStain category are three fantastic options. While an acid-based stain, like SunAcid, produces a marbled effect, a water-based stain, such as SunH2O, gives you an almost endless list of color options. For a formal dining room, living room, or foyer, an acid stain offers sophistication, whereas, a water-based stain is ideal for a basement family room or children’s bedroom.

The bottom line is that you will get better results with a professional-grade coating than you would by painting concrete.

Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Lexington Home with Outdoor Concrete Repair

SunStone by Sundek for outdoor concrete repair

SunStamp by Sundek for outdoor concrete repair

If a lack of curb appeal makes you cringe every time you pull into the driveway of your Lexington home or you avoid asking people over, you need to do something about the problem. Although Sundek offers a broad range of solutions, two favorites include SunStone and SunStamp.

To enhance curb appeal, the most obvious choice is the driveway. However, both products also transform other concrete surfaces. You can transform the look of your front walkway, the stairs leading to the front door, and even the porch or landing area at the top. Regardless of the project, these overlays are ideal for outdoor concrete repair of some common problems and make your Lexington home more beautiful from the outside.


With this architectural limestone coating, an existing surface that needs help with an outdoor concrete repair issue will transform into a gorgeous masterpiece. When professionally applied, it will appear as though you invested in having quarried rock or stone installed. However, with this superior quality Sundek product, there is no need to have the current concrete ripped out and reinstalled.

Before stamped concrete repair

Before stamped concrete repair

With the SunStone product, you can upgrade other features of your Lexington home. Along with concrete, this decorative concrete solution works incredibly well on stucco, drywall, cinder block, brick, and more. No matter what you decide to change, your home will never look better far away or up close.


SunStamp is another top Sundek decorative concrete overlay. Stamp mats create designs like flagstone, tile, custom slate, wood, brick, or whatever you prefer. First, the expert uses a squeegee or trowel to apply the overlay. Then, it either the surface gets scored or the installer places an optional template on top before placing the stamp mat. For optimal protection, both an acrylic finish and clear coat go over the newly stamped design.

To give the exterior of your Lexington home a much-needed boost, you will never go wrong with these Sundek decorative concrete solutions.

How to Restore Your Clarksville Pool Deck for Spring Swimming

Clarksville Pool Deck Project

Clarksville Pool Deck Project

Spring is the perfect time to restore your Clarksville pool deck. Especially if you have not done anything to it for years, there is a good chance that it needs a little help in the pool deck repair department. If the problems are mild to moderate, Sundek Classic Texture is an excellent solution.

Classic Texture has been the most trusted resurfacing overlay solution for pool deck repair for almost 50 years. It is also the spray-on acrylic product that helped launch the decorative concrete industry. Even though some aspects of this product have advanced, making it more beneficial, it still involves an easy application process that takes little time to complete.

Using Classic Texture, Sundek’s professional installation team can give new life to your Clarksville pool deck. Whether using standard or custom templates, score line cuts, aggregates, masonry effects, or a combination of more than one, your pool area will transform into a spectacular place perfect for spending quality time with family and friends.

You can have color incorporated or use Classic Texture in conjunction with other overlays, like Tuscan. Any one of the beautiful 16 signature colors will help with pool deck repair issues and give you the look you want. For a more traditional look, Mojave Sand, Tea N Pool Deck Repair SundekCream, and Tweed Gray are all ideal. If you want a deck that looks and feels modern, colors like Brick Red, Sable, and Cumberland work beautifully.

Not only will Classic Texture help with pool deck repair and transform its appearance, it also makes the surface safer and easier to maintain. As a nonporous overlay, it resists dirt, oil, stains, and chemicals, all things that can damage a pool deck. Even the surface is cooler than other materials. With a slip-resistance texture, there also is less risk of someone slipping and getting hurt.