About Us

SundeklogoThe Sundek system is a special method that allows us to repair, beautify and restore concrete to a like new or better than new appearance.  Sundek systems can provide different features, looks and surface textures to floors, outdoor patios and slabs, pool decks, driveways and walkways.  It is a method that has been perfected over four decades. There’s science to restoring concrete in order to achieve precise, predictable results while still making the patterns as natural and seamless as possible. Sundek does concrete better. We make natural excellence happen.

Different types of concrete will react and perform differently to concrete resurfacing and repair systems.  The Sundek system allows us at All Concrete Resurfacing to take into consideration every type of texture that exists within your concrete slab and/or floor.

We can create a captivating, natural look that shows your property off and adds value. We can apply this decorative method to just any concrete slab floor anywhere and get exceptional results.

All Concrete Resurfacing also does driveways, walkways and basement floors. We’ll make any surface beautiful and strong using the Sundek system.

Industrial And Commercial Floors Are Also A Specialty

All Concrete Resurfacing can also resurface your warehouse or factory floor with one of three different types of tough coating, from our well-known epoxy-based floors to even-tougher polyaspartic coats, and some applications can be done in as little time as one day.

Outdoor Concrete Was Our Specialty From The Start
When Sundek opened its doors in 1970, we were pioneers in pool patios-we created the textured surface that you see on pool patios around the country today.All Concrete Resurfacing will transform any pool deck or patio from a bland, functional slab into a masterpiece of elegance. The Sundeck system of acrylic concrete overlay allows us to create almost any type of pattern on top of the concrete, from different stone designs to brick pavers, we can do it all. That’s why Sundek does concrete better.

  All Concrete Resurfacing has a AAA+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Sundek does concrete better because we never stop trying to be better for you. You can’t waste time worrying if your concrete contractor is up to par. Choose the one whose name was made synonymous with excellence due to 42 years of ton-notch work. Sundek does concrete better, everywhere in Louisville – Jeffersonville – Clarksville – The Villages – New Albany – Newburg & Areas.