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Protecting and Maintaining Your Stained Concrete

Posted on Jan 15, 2016

Concrete stains are permanent and will never flake off like paint. However, it only penetrates the topmost layer of the concrete surface and eventually wears out due to heavy traffic and/or weather exposure. If you want to extend the life of your stained concrete surface, stain manufacturers usually recommend keeping the stains protected by applying clear sealers in multiple coats for outdoor stained concrete and floor wax for indoor surfaces. A good and quality sealer also provides considerable benefits, and among those is its ability to add shine to the surface and the way it enhance the concrete surface’s color intensity.


Stained Concrete: Acid Stain

Although protecting your stained concrete with a sealer or clear finish repels dirt and wear, it doesn’t eliminate the need for scheduled maintenance. The amount of traffic that your surface experiences determines the need for ongoing maintenance. To protect your investment, you can ask the stain manufacturer to provide you with tips and tricks on how to care for your stained concrete. They can also provide you with guidelines and recommendations that will ensure the protection and maintenance of your stained concrete.

Here are some general tips that you could take:

  • For interior floors (residential or commercial) that are experiencing light traffic, a simple maintenance method that involves dry dust mopping and occasional wet mopping with a neutral-pH cleaner can be done.
  • If you notice that your stained surfaces are beginning to lose their shine and luster, waxing it again can usually bring it back to its original appearance. In a typical residential area and setting, a year or so may pass before you’ll need to buff and re-wax the concrete surface. In commercial properties with high traffic, refinishing the concrete surface frequently is necessary.
  • For exterior stained concrete surfaces, keep the floor clean by sweeping it with a broom, blowing with a leaf blower or rinsing with a garden hose. Remove stubborn dirt by scrubbing with a mop or medium-bristle brush and a mild cleaner.
  • In protecting your exterior surfaces, an annual application of a new coat sealer or as necessary. When you notice that water doesn’t bead up on the surface anymore, it’s definitely time for resealing.
  • For stained concrete countertops, a different way of protection and maintenance will be needed so make sure to contact the contractor for guidance and tips.

If the need arises for you to hire a contractor for resealing and resurfacing, call All Concrete Resurfacing and we’ll be happy to help you maximize the beauty of your stained concrete once again.

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Outdoor Floor Resurfacing

Posted on Jan 7, 2016


Concrete Patio Resurfacing (Stamped Overlay)

Basing it from use and appeal, we could already say that a patio is one of the most versatile part of the home. Whatever you call it (veranda, porch, courtyard), chances are you’re always doing something on and in it. In the course of a year, you can already do a lot in your patio. One second it’s a kitchen, the next one it’s a dining area. It can be a garden, a library, basically any place that you would like it to be!

If you notice cracks or crumbling on your patio, or if you think that it looks plain boring, maybe concrete resurfacing can eliminate these things for you! Now is the time to take action and turn your boring concrete into a beautiful outdoor piece of art with fabulous gleam and color! If you want to relax outside, there’s no better feeling than chilling outside and there’s nowhere else to do that than your patio in a fully-resurfaced concrete floor. When you get your patio resurfaced by All Concrete Resurfacing, you’ll get a concrete floor that is sure to last a long time and stay beautiful throughout the years because we offer a wide selection of colors and finishing options.

Stamped concrete overlays are a very affordable option to get the feel and look of expensive surface materials such as brick, stone or tile without having to build a new patio from scratch. You can opt for a simple and classic look with a stone or brick border or go all the way by stamping the entire patio area. It’s all up to you and your creativity (partnered with our quality installation system). Whatever kind of surface you’re imagining right now, we can achieve it for you. Stamping the whole area can add a maximum amount of visual appeal and personal style to your outdoor living space. The stamped layer’s final coating will also provide a very strong protection from different kinds of weather and foot traffic for years to come.

Maybe you already like how your patio looks like right now. But a little retouching won’t hurt. It might need a durable fresh coat of paint. If you think this is what you want, what you will be needing is a chemical stain treatment or decorative concrete coating. Concrete chemical stains, also called as acid stains, allows you to be creative and change your patio’s surface color, creating a unique living space. Color options range from grays to browns, to reds and teals. You’re sure to find something that would complement your space. Other decorative concrete coatings can bring texture to your patio. Come on and discover what you like! Call us today to see how you can get started today.

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Why Sealing Your Outdoor Concrete Surface is Important

Posted on Nov 12, 2015

As compared to wood, concrete is the best option if you want to have a durable outdoor space that not only looks great but is also long lasting. But like wood and other less corrosive materials, concrete also needs to be sealed.

Why Seal It?

If your home is in Louisville and you have a concrete patio, you have to take its maintenance seriously. Although our decorative concrete products and services need not to have extra attention when it comes to maintenance, you still have to consider this in order for you to have the best experience in having a beautiful decorative concrete patio.


Concrete Sealing

Cracked, broken and spalled, chipped concrete basements, driveways, sidewalks and even walls in homes are among the common problems that a concrete surface encounters. The notorious culprit for all of these is water. When moisture enters the cracks, the cold and warm temperature causes water to contract and expand, leading to the destruction of the concrete material.

But this is not the only suspect. Water vapor in the air (also known as humidity) can also badly affect the concrete’s composition; and oil, dirt, chemicals, grease and stains are among the elements that can also ruin it.

What You Get From Concrete Sealing

All Concrete Resurfacing provides the highest quality concrete sealing products and services. Let’s look at some of the benefits that you can experience by sealing and coating a Louisville concrete surface.

  • Prevents the accumulation of dirty and grease on the concrete surface and protects it from chemicals, water, UV rays and other elements.
  • Makes the surface easy to clean and maintain.
  • Increases the durability and longevity of concrete.
  • Reduced risks of spalling, crumbling, efflorescence, cracking, etc.
  • Maximizes it’s resistance to corrosion.


Your Louisville concrete outdoor living space is an investment worth taking care of. It’s necessary to always keep its beauty intact and maintained. It’s easy to maintain your decorative concrete surface once you call All Concrete Resurfacing, your leading experts in concrete coatings and repair in the Louisville and surrounding areas. We have a wide variety of solutions that caters to all kinds of concrete problems that may face you today. All Concrete Resurfacing can provide minor maintenance services for your concrete surface like applying a sealant, to major concrete jobs like overhauls and decorative concrete applications for residential and/or commercial spaces.

Maintenance goes a very long towards quality and longevity of your concrete surface.

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It’s More Than Just Clean Concrete

Posted on Oct 29, 2015


The key to having the best looking concrete exterior and interior in the neighborhood is more than just decorative concrete. Once you have it installed, clean it.

Your concrete surface is just like any other normal surface; as time passes, sooner or later it’s going to get dirty. Most of the time, concrete is used outdoors or in your garages. It gets dirt and minimal stains unlike what it gets inside your home. While some stains look messy and intimidating, it’s not so hard to clean (well, in the first place, your decorative concrete is stain-resistant and these are just minor, easy to clean stains).

Clean it Well

Sweeping the concrete clean is the first thing to do. Wash it with hot water and a detergent after sweeping. The soap will bind with dirt and the hot water will loosen oils and grease and bring them to the surface. For smaller stains, use a scrub brush. A power washer is needed for large ones.

Small oil stains can also be softened and brought up by using an absorbent mixture of clay kitty litter and acetone. Apply it to the stain cover with a plastic wrap. Leave it for a couple of hours and be surprised as the stain fades, thanks to kitty litter and acetone.

Natural Agents

If oil is all over your garage flooring, biological warfare might do the trick. There are specific microorganisms that eat up oil. You can apply them right at an oil stain and once they eat it all up, they die. This is what biologists use to clean ocean oil spills, and it can also work for your driveway or garage.

Concrete Sealing

Once you’ve got your concrete surface clean, you have to seal it. Concrete sealers will make your flooring resist weather exposure, grease and oil stains, water, abrasion and deicing salts. It also brings out the natural beauty of concrete and makes it easier to clean.

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Where To Use Concrete Floors

Posted on Mar 25, 2013

Concrete floors have once again caught the attention of interior designers and structural builders because of their versatile features. Concrete flooring contractors are experts in this field of construction and they can best guide you on the many applications of concrete floors the details of which are as follows:

  • Kitchen Floors. Kitchen floor designs do not have to attain the industrial-look when concrete is the chosen flooring material. Concrete is an easy-to-maintain but aesthetically limited flooring option if left as bare. In fact, concrete, aside from as being amazingly durable, has the ability to reduce allergens. Unlike other forms of concrete flooring, concrete is cost-effective and easy to maintain. Today, concrete flooring is gaining popularity in the construction industry because of its innate feature to be designed in any way.

Kitchen floors can be customized with a warm, solid hue or multi-colored, multi-patterned designs. Concrete flooring offers true customization. It can withstand the elements that kitchen floors are exposed to including foot traffic, food and drink spills, oil and grease stains, and a lot more. No other surface, such as wood, tile, or linoleum, can resist chipping, discoloring, warping, and staining like a concrete floor can.

  • Bathroom Floors. There are so many benefits when you choose concrete as your flooring of choice in bathrooms. You can design concrete bathroom floors based on your budget. If you want to incorporate heat and warmth in your bathroom, concrete is the prime flooring pick. The material resists moisture and stains and you can kiss your allergies goodbye with concrete bathroom floors. Concrete offers a substrate that is fashionable, long-lasting, and can endure the elements in a bathroom including moisture, spills, stains, etc. In price contrast, concrete can be customized within any budget. It is a cost-conscious, environmentally-friendly option that offers freedom in design and freedom from extreme maintenance.
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